When did you start planning your baby’s first birthday? & what parts did you plan first? like guest list? theme? When would be a good time to order stuff? 

Honestly start planning as soon as you can. I plan on starting 3 months ahead next yeah.



I don’t know 100%, but sometimes Meadow will randomly start crying & screaming in her sleep. I don’t know if it’s because she’s having night terrors or what. Sometimes when she’ll be crying in her sleep she’ll sound like she’s whimpering like she’s scared or something . Not…

Does she do it every night? Meadow has been difficult to put to bed lately and last night at like 330am she woke up screaming and she sounded scared. I tried just patting her butt because she usually falls back asleep like that but she kept screaming & she never does that. I picked her up and she was like whimpering still with her eyes closed & her nose was running so bad from crying so much :( but that was the first time she’s done it that bad. I think she might be teething, I don’t know. Does Lenore have teeth? Maybe she’s getting a tooth??

Ella sometimes gets up and crawls in her sleep. She even talks and sometimes cries.










I want to follow moms more my own age! :D

I’m going to be a mom soon!

20 years old and my…

24 tomorrow with a toddler

eyebrow gaps are better than thigh gaps reblog if u agree

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Well just found out yesterday we are broke. Like poor broke. I told him I would give up my GED spot to get a night job so we don’t have to find daycare. Then he tells me that he is leaving. Then tells me he wants a second chance. I’m so fucking lost.

Wish someone would just give me a bunch of money to pay my rent for the next like 6 months so I can figure out the rest of my shit.