Can someone explain to me why cops in the states are so fucked up?!?!? Shooting animals, shooting unarmed teens, using excessive force, and just plain craziness.

I’m so happy I live where I do.

There is like a COPS show here in Canada but it’s like old a balls but the older COPS are pretty much the same as they are now anyway; this Canadian version rarely ever shows them even pulling their guns out. I think in the last like 3 years that I have watched it (a lot of reruns) I have seen them pull out their guns once and it was for a stand off and they ended up talking the guy into coming out and giving up. Even when the guy came out they didn’t violently attack the guy when he came out either; not like you would have seen on COPS where 10 cops jump the guy.

Your country is FUCKED UP!! I feel for you guys.


does anyone have like ten thousand dollars they don’t want

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