Jackson’s 13m and size 3. Size 4 is just *thatmuch* too big.

Noah is 15 months and wears a 5/6 depending on shoe.
He has little sausage feet.

Thomas is 15 months and is 4-4.5

Jackie is 13 months and wears a 5!

I WANNA SEE JACKIES FEET lol. I feel like Jackson has teensy tiny feet cause the FP 4s are too big on him but Jackie fits 5!

Ella is 8m and wears size 3 but has to be a wider shoe or it’s too small.


How do you get the smell of smoke out of furniture? My dads girlfriend was really disrespectful and decided to smoke while my furniture was being stored at their house so now I’m sure it all smells (no offence to smokers) and I don’t really want to have it around my boys but that furniture is from my grandma and I kind of need it too.

Ugh what do I do? How do I clean it?!

I’d use a steam cleaner.

Anonymous: I'd say for the sake of you and your little one, you're in the right to walk away from him. You both need healthier environments. If he wants to step up and still be a good dad it's totally possible even if you two aren't together. But, if he's going to be a jerk either way, it's no loss on your part. I hope the best for you and your baby. Xoxo 

Thanks a bunch anon. He claims that he will never see her if I leave which is BS; but he would need to step up his game cause he needs to be told when to change her and how to feed her…. Other then that he is a very decent dad. I guess I just need to figure my shit out.

Thinking I should just end this relationship. Can’t support me when I’m depressed; just makes me feel worse. Complains about heart burn all the time say it’s cause he needs to lose weight so I tell him to do it then tells me to lose weight…. Like what the fuck!? Gets upset with Ella cause she doesn’t stop crying with him but when she starts doesn’t comfort her right away so I wonder why she doesn’t calm down. Always has a shitty energy…..says he doesn’t.

Tells me we are together for the baby well if that’s all then what’s the point.

What the fuck do I do?